The Leanides Lab Station for Cisco Labs is here.

Save and share your Cisco Lab configs

Backup Cisco Lab Configs and export them to USB

Fast Load your saved Lab Configs to live Cisco gear

The Leanides Lab Station is designed to be a base for Cisco Lab study with real Cisco device labs. We'll show you how to turn your laptop into a powerful tool for backing up and deploying your Cisco labs and for collecting a knowledge base of all the commands that you run and the scripts that you learn. Your Cisco lab configs and commands can all be exported to USB to build a store of information that you can permanently keep and easily access, reuse and share with others.

The Leanides Lab Station installs as a VM on your laptop and is accessed by the Windows Client app. With this you will be able to enter configuration commands and network change (conf t) scripts as you read your textbook and can then apply them to your lab work, when you connect your laptop to Cisco devices. This is a revolutionary new way to learn Cisco networking, as you are creating your own knowledge base as you learn and it can be used throughout your career.