A Tool that Amplifies Your Ability

I saw this clip on You Tube and thought that it was worth sharing. It’s about Steve Jobs talking about an article that he had read in the Scientific American on how a person on a bicycle is more efficient in movement than a Condor, which ranked as the most energy efficient creature in motion.

He then goes on to explain with his analogy that the computer is like the bicycle, as it’s a tool that amplifies human ability. This resonates with me, as the V2R Lab Station was built to do just that. It amplifies your ability to manage a Cisco network in a lab environment. As the V2R Lab Station was designed to be easy to install and use, its purpose is to be the most efficient network management tool that you could use to amplify your ability to setup, backup and share your real device Cisco network labs.

Above all else, the main benefit that you can expect from using the V2R Lab Station is that you will be able to do far more than you ever could without it. To find out more about what it can do visit https://leanides.com/australia/about