Getting Started with the Leanides Student Pro

Server Setup Guide

The Leanides Server VM is an ovf file that is compressed in zip format for download. The ovf file can be installed on the following:

  • VMware (Workstation Pro, Player or Server)
  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • Citrix Xenserver

The install guide will use VMware Workstation Player as it is free software for non-commercial purposes.

Step 1. Download and install the free VMware Workstation Player on your PC or laptop.

Step 2. Download and extract the Leanides Student Pro Server file.

Step 3. Follow the configuration guide as described below.

Configuration of Leanides Server

Extract the downloaded file to a local directory.
1. In VMware Workstation Player, select File > Open.
2. Browse to the Leanides.ovf file and click Open.
3. Type a name for the virtual machine, type or browse to the directory for the virtual machine files, and click Import.
VMware Workstation Player performs ovf specification conformance and virtual hardware compliance checks. Select Bypass compliance checks to proceed (press retry), as the server is local and does not need to be hosted on a public cloud hosting service.

After Workstation Player successfully imports the ovf virtual machine, the virtual machine appears in the virtual machine library.

Step 4. Start the VM and wait for it to load.

Step 5. At the login prompt type user and press [Enter]

Step 6. At the password prompt type password and press [Enter]. (The default password is password)

Step 7. Type S and press [Enter] as prompted to configure Static IP settings.

Step 8. Enter the IP address for the VM. (This IP address should be on the same subnet as the external network that
it is bridged to for it to communicate with devices on the external LAN.)

Step 9. Enter the Gateway IP Address. (For the VM, this would be either the switch’s IP address or the interface IP address of the Vlan on the switch, which should be on the same subnet and Vlan as the VM IP address.)

Step 10. Enter the subnet mask for the VM IP address.

Step 11. Enter the network that the VM IP address is on. (This must be consistent with the gateway IP address, as they need to be on the same subnet.)

Step 12. Enter the broadcast address for the VM.

Step 13. The VM IP address configuration is now complete. The VM must now be rebooted to apply the settings. Choose restart guest from the top menu to reboot.

Step 14. After the VM has rebooted, login again as user with password (password)

Press [Enter] twice to get to command prompt.

Type ifconfig and press [Enter]

The output will show the IP address settings that you made. If they are incorrect, they can be changed by rebooting the VM and going through the configuration sequence again as outlined above.

Step 15. Change password. You can now change the password from its default by typing passwd then press [Enter] and follow the prompts.

Follow the prompts and enter the old (current password): password
Then type in the new password when prompted. (Please remember the new password as the VM would need to be reinstalled to if it’s forgotten.)

This completes the VM Server setup and you are now ready to login to the Client application as detailed on Section 3. The following section on network connectivity will assist with connecting the Leanides Server with the LAN switch.

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