How Leanides Changes the Paradigm of Network Management

How Leanides Changes the Paradigm of Network Management

The Leanides Network Management System was designed to perform routine network management tasks faster and more accurately than ever performed before. It’s automation engine is able to consistently perform functions from 5 to 10 times faster than a human operator can on their own. This post will demonstrate how this is possible and what it means to the way that network LAN management has been changed forever.

Before Leanides

Before the Leanides system was created, the separations between helpdesk, desktop support and networks were very distinct, with a clear separation of duties. The difference between the departments was not just in the skill set or definitions of duties performed, but in the level of access that they had to LAN device infrastructure data (particularly switches). Why this is particularly important is that the switches are the vehicle for the link to the LAN and when access to switch data for troubleshooting is restricted, this creates a bottleneck that causes delays to problem resolution. This essentially means more downtime on the network for the PC that has lost connectivity.

The Business Process Evolution

When incoming LAN issues were reported to the helpdesk staff, a job was logged and then, if helpdesk couldn’t resolve it immediately, it would be escalated to desktop support or networks. If desktop support could not resolve the issue on their own, the job would ultimately be assigned to networks to resolve.

When desktop support required switch data to troubleshoot the issue, they would have to send a job to networks to get them to access the data from the switches with a series of switch console commands. As network staff alone were trained with these specialist skills and were the only ones allowed this level of access to the switches, a time delay would inevitably occur due to the wait time for network staff to get back with the answer to the query from desktop support.

With Leanides the entire business process is expedited by inherently granting desktop support the ability to rapidly access data from the switches with the functions of the Leanides Client application. As the Leanides software is designed to be safe for them to perform these functions, the gains from consistent rapid access to switch data are compounded by the increase in productivity that results from rapid LAN problem resolution. This also allows the network department to work on higher level functions than things such as mac address traces, switchport interface data lookups and configuration checks.