How the V2R Lab Station Solves a Common Problem

The Leanides V2R Lab Station is now available for download to use on your Cisco Labs.

In September 2016 a subscriber on the Cisco Learning Network asked a question.

How do you fast switch between different topologies in your home lab?

This simple question was left unresolved. The forum post can be found here:

Although several people had tried to answer the question, no single solution to the problem, that is readily accessible to Cisco students, has existed. Until Now. The question is essentially asking – How can you save your current Cisco Lab configs in a Physical lab and how do you redeploy them quickly to the startup config of a blank Cisco device?

The Leanides V2R Lab Station provides both Cisco startup config backup and Zero Provisioning to startup config in its suite of functions. This allows you to backup your Cisco labs and redeploy them quickly and easily. It also enables you to load a text file config into the V2R Lab Station and deploy it directly to the startup config of a blank Cisco device. This covers all the bottlenecks to fast changing topologies when doing Cisco labs.

The V2R Lab Station is essentially doing the job of a large enterprise network management system on a smaller scale in a Cisco lab environment and it’s available at a budget price. The real impact as a disruptor though is in the fast and easy setup of the V2R Lab Station compared to any other network management system.

If you would like to give it a try the 30 day free trial is available here: