Network Connectivity Guide

The Leanides network management system is designed to enhance the user’s ability to manage an enterprise network that uses Cisco switches on the LAN. Network connectivity from the Leanides Server VM to the switches and to the local PC over Ethernet are necessary to utilize the functions of the Leanides Client application. This guide describes the settings required to co-ordinate this 3 way connectivity over Ethernet.

Fig 1 (example) Configuration settings for Virtual Server and LAN setup

[All devices are on the same LAN subnet]

Step 1. Click on the VM in the left Console panel to show the configuration settings for the VM.

Step 2. Double click on Network Adapter to show the settings for the VM network interface.

Step 3. The network setting should be for Bridged network. Note the VM network interface that is being used (VMnet0) as shown in the diagram below.

Check the box for Replicate physical network connection state and press [Ok] at the bottom of the panel.

 Step 4. From the top toolbar select Edit – Virtual Network Editor

Step 5. Left click to highlight the VMnet interface that is being used as was noted in Step 3, this was VMnet0. Then click on Change Settings from the tab at the bottom of the panel.

Step 6. Select Bridged and Automatic and press Ok. The Automatic Settings tab can be clicked to define the network connection type to use.

Step 7. Power on the VM by clicking the tab on the right panel of the VM console.

Step 8. After the VM has started up, login to the console as user and enter the password.

Step 9. Press [Enter] twice to go to command line.

Step 10. On the command line type route -n and press [Enter]

Step 11. The top line shows the default gateway that was entered during the configuration settings stage.

To test the VM server’s network connectivity to the gateway, type ping [Gateway IP Address] as shown.

As shown, the ping to was successful in going from the VM server to the IP address of the physical network switch.

This completes the Network Connectivity Guide for establishing network connectivity between the VM Server, local PC and the network switch that comprises the gateway IP address setting on the VM Server.

Press [Ctrl] + [C] to stop the ping.

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