Feb 18, 2019 Launch of the Leanides Student Pro

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Leanides Student Pro. The Leanides Student Pro makes many things possible that were previously out of the reach of Cisco lab students. It enables them to save Cisco device configs and export them to a USB drive. Students can then later review and share their lab content online in a format that allows them to then reload the configs to live gear in their Cisco lab. They have the choice of using push or rollback functions to both running config or startup config. This saves a lot of time when returning to the lab that was previously done, to continue working on it. It also frees up students to quickly load more than one lab in a session, to be able to cover more topics when they are pressed for time. Students also have ready access to view their configs from past labs and search for them by date. The Leanides Student Pro is now available for download at

August 1, 2018 Leanides Launches Online Software

Leanides is pleased to announce the launch of the software downloads for the setup of the Leanides Network management system on Private Cloud and Baremetal Server.

The 14 day free trial provides the opportunity to try and evaluate the software and discover the benefits that it can bring to your organization’s operational efficiency.

If you wish to participate in the trial, you may register and download the Client and Server software from the download portal here. The install guide for the Leanides System is also available for download within the download portal and it provides a full description on how to implement the system to maximize its potential.

May 15-16, 2018 Leanides displays at Myriad

Leanides on display at Myriad 2018.

This year Leanides displayed at Myriad Brisbane 2018 as an innovative technology solutions provider.

We welcomed Silicon Valley who flew on aboard Myriad Air to meet and network with more than 2,500 people at the new venue at the Royal Brisbane showgrounds.

Myriad 2018 had stepped up a notch this year with more speakers, workshop hosts, moderators, volunteers and exhibitors. With 158 speakers across 5 stages, 24 workshops and 158 exhibitors the content at Myriad 2018 was truly spectacular.

It was great for Leanides to participate in the event and many people were interested to hear about what Leanides can do for their organization.

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