What Leanides Network Automation Means to Business Continuity

What Leanides Network Automation Means to Business Continuity

From the dawn of time, people have looked for ways to do things differently. It’s necessity that usually inspires this process and a light bulb moment occurs that creates a new method for doing things. By the natural process of evolution, if the new way is better, it will eventually replace the old way and leave it behind. Dragging things around on two sticks tied together was replaced by the wheel and cart. Since then people seldom drag things around on sticks anymore.

Well what has this got to do with Network Management you may be thinking? In a similar fashion, a better way of managing network switches is now available and those that choose to ignore it may be left behind. By incorporating the Leanides Network Management System into their suite of Network Management tools, those corporations that choose to adopt it will be faster and more agile in business and this will give them a competitive advantage that will save them time and money.

When it comes to desktop support and LAN management, there is no point in doing things the slow way manually for reasons of tradition, as this costs more money and wastes the valuable resource of staff time. Not just the time of the IT staff that troubleshoot problems, but inevitably the time of staff that experience network downtime, due to an extended wait time to helpdesk job resolution. A trickle down effect occurs, where a small amount to wasted wait time to resolve a LAN link outage can lead to bottlenecks in the business that cost a great deal of money. If problems can be resolved minutes or hours faster than before with network automation on a consistent basis, the cumulative uptime and flow on effects of increased productivity become apparent. Think of a CEO’s down PC LAN link to their switchport being fixed twice as fast and you can envisage the importance of the move to automation.

So network automation incorporates the principles of both evolution and economics and these forces pave the way for a change in the way things are done worldwide, forever.

In the next post, I’ll show how the Leanides Network Management System can expedite wait time to resolution of helpdesk jobs and how this streamlines the process of IT LAN problem resolution from helpdesk to desktop support to network department and the positive effect this has on the business.