Save and share your Cisco Lab configs

Backup Cisco Lab Configs and export them to USB

Fast Load your saved Lab Configs to live Cisco gear

The Leanides V2R Lab Station leverages the capability of the virtual hosting environment (VMWare Workstation Pro) to provide a suite of functions that will empower the user to do more in a network lab environment. The functionality that it provides goes above and beyond that provided by a TFTP server and it is faster and more intuitive to use. As virtualisation can now be run on most laptops, the time has come to adopt new and better ways to manage the network lab environment.

Whether you are doing Cisco study labs or setting up a test lab environment and bench testing your configs, the Leanides V2R Lab Station will enable you to turn your laptop into a powerful Cisco lab tool that will help you get the most out of your Cisco labs.

When I was doing my Cisco CCNA and CCNP study labs on live gear, we would have to spend an hour to set up the same lab again every time we went back to continue or redo the lab. With the Leanides V2R Lab Station we can save and reload the past device configs quickly and easily and we can also save and later view the outputs from the commands that we use in the labs. It's an ideal study tool for doing Cisco Labs.

The Leanides V2R Lab Station was designed to give enhanced functionality to students studying with Cisco Labs on Cisco routers and switches. It allows them to quickly store and retrieve configuration files and rapidly deploy the Cisco devices. This frees up time to do the lab exercises, rather than having to lose time re-configuring the routers and switches again each time the lab is done.